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Rose Quartz And Pink Himalayan Salt Home And Space Protection

Recently I did some healing work for a client and she mentioned how she had a dream where she was woken by someone standing at her door. In the dream her husband's beloved dog (who has passed) was on the bed and started barking at the intruder in order to protect her.

As she told me about the incident in my mind's eye I saw the intruder as a shadow figure which she confirmed to be what she also saw. Knowing about how Shadow People often attack people in their sleep I knew this was more than just a dream.

I felt her husband's passed dog was now their protector in spirit form. It is often the case when our pets pass over to the Other-side that they remain with us as protectors just like passed loved ones do.

I asked if she has placed a protection around her house to which she replied that she uses a sage smudge to clear the energy. Whilst smudging with sage is an effective method for clearing of energy that has entered your space, its also important to place some kind of protective barrier around it to stop them entering at all.

Our angelic spirit guides showed me a method for her to protect her property from negative energy intruding in her space using Rose Quartz and Pink Himalayan Salt which I want to share with everyone so that they too can benefit from it. This beautiful method is ideal for the placing a protection around your home as it does so with love and also helps to open your heart chakra and those who live in and enter your property and infuses the home with love.

Items Needed:

  • A quantity of small Rose Quartz Crystals dependent on the size of the area being protected - I suggest choosing multiples of 6 as 6 is the number of protection and for domestic life e.g. 12 which is also the number of petals of the heart chakra.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Optional - Unadulterated Rose Essential Oil or Rose Water or a Pink Rose for anointing and charging.

    Where To Buy:

    • Rose Quartz - You can purchase rose quartz from most new age spiritual type shops, some gift stores and online here.
    • Pink Himalayan Salt - available from most grocers, health food stores and online here.
    • Rose Essential Oil - I only recommend using the world's best quality oils from Young Living Essential Oils as they are unadulterated, chemical free and non-toxic from farming through the entire manufacturing and slowly extracted at low temperatures to ensure they retain all of their vibrations and healing qualities. I have had great spiritual experiences with their oils especially their therapeutic-grade Rose Essential Oil. Rose essential oil will super-charge your rose quartz crystals and salt giving a more powerful effect. It will also help to attract benevolent nature spirits and transmute lower vibrations into higher. Young Living's Rose Essential Oil has the highest vibration of all their oils and just the aroma alone will do amazing things for you and bring you into the magical loving space required for doing this protection method. Young Living Rose Essential Oil is not available in most stores, it can be bought online here. Good quality Rose Essential Oil is not cheap, however it is amazing and you only need to use the tiniest amount. If you want you can make it go further by blending it into a good quality organic cold pressed oil such as almond oil like this one available online here.
    • Rose Water - You can buy it from grocers and beauty supply stores. I recommend only using a good quality organic and 100% natural rose water like this one available online here so that the vibrations are very good and pure.
    • Sage Smudge - If you are wanting to use a sage smudge as well they can be purchased from most spiritual type shops or online here and here.


    1. Do every step of this method with pure love in your heart and consciously giving love to yourself, the items, your home and contents, the spiritual and non-spiritual beings in your home and those wishing to enter.
    2. If using Rose Essential Oil or Rose Water, place a drop on your sternum (chest bone) in the centre of your heart chakra, your third eye and crown chakra to create this beautiful loving magic and feeling (if you don't have these you could hold a pink rose to your heart and smell the aroma or if you don't have access to a rose visualise holding one in your mind's eye and imagine the aroma as you breathe it in). Then see in your mind's eye and feel your heart chakra as a beautiful giant pink rose opening up from the middle of your chest and the beautiful rose aromatic mist and love wafting out from it, your third eye, crown chakra and finger tips to you, everything in your surrounds, everyone and everything you touch.
    3. Cleanse, consecrate, anoint and charge the items to be used with loving protective light and aroma.
    4. Place (or bury) a rose quartz in every corner of your property of space you wish to protect starting from the most southerly point in a clockwise direction.
    5. Evenly place (or bury) and space out the remaining rose quartz crystals between the corners along the perimeters of the property or space staring from the most southerly point moving in a clockwise direction.
    6. Then again starting from the south and moving clockwise sprinkle Pink Himalayan Salt between the rose quartz crystals repeating "Nothing will enter this property that is not good and of truth. All else remains outside of this space and nothing but love and truth may enter. So mote it be" until the entire perimeter is sprinkled with salt all the way back to the starting point creating a complete boundary. As you do it see in your mind's eye and feel the strong and loving pink sparkly light energy coming from the crystals and salt as you do so creating the entire unbroken boundary around the space you are protecting.
    7. Afterwards kneel and place both hands on your heart then on the Earth sending magic and love from your heart into Mother Earth thanking her for protecting you and your property.
    8. Wash your hands, smile, breathe and relax and leave it to our Mother Earth to take care of knowing everything is fine now.

      Feel free to play with and enjoy this method. Create it the way you feel to. Love, laugh and be free. I wish for you to have as much help you need by all angelic beings that are benevolent in healing, cleansing and protection so I'm sending you angel blessings to help you! Leave a comment below after you have tried this and share your experiences, I'd love to hear them. And if you need any extra help with clearing the energy in your home or environment you can see what I do make an appointment with me here.

      You might also like to check out my post on using Thyme to Get Rid of Negative Entities here to do in conjunction with placing a protection around your space.

      Love, Theresa x

      © Copyright 2019, Theresa Chapman (of, All rights reserved.


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