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The Calming Power Of A Candle

When its not quite right at home (or wherever you are) one of the easiest things to do to clear any negative energy and tension in the air is to light a candle. Its a simple technique but very powerful and nearly everyone can do it in a moment. Its one of my favorites. But I'm not here to tell you just to light a candle, I want to try to explain why it is so from an elemental understanding.

Naturally spiritual people tend to have a lot of air and akasha (space and ether, spirit) elements (known as vata in Ayurveda) within them which means spiritual people tend to become anxious more easily when out of balance. When we retreat from being out in open spaces and light a candle the fire element of a candle burns up negative energy and the excess air element as well as dispelling darkness with its light and we return to a calm and balanced place. Air and akasha elements combined are cold so the fire also warms the air and akasha creating a cosy feeling. No wonder we love candles so much. It may seem that a small candle on its own could not do that much, however its effects are quite powerful.

Some Things You Can Do With Candles

  • A simple method to relax and clear your mind is to sit with a candle and stare at the flame. This is a meditation technique used to clear the mind and focus. A sense of calm comes over you as soon as the candle is lit. And then you can go into a place within very easily and feel silence. You also absorb the fire element within you when you look at the flame. The fire and light enters you though your eyes and is then taken into you dispelling and transforming darkness, air, cold, blockages and negative energy within calming and clearing your mind and third eye. Light improves both your outer and inner vision giving you clearer sight and insight and the fire element sparks your creative energy, mind and intuition. They improve your own Light and Fire element. You automatically become calmer, lighter with more energy, positive and happier. Your heart is warmed and lit up which gives you a feeling of peace, strength, confidence, lightheartedness and joy making life more fun and less stressful. If you like to use an altar for your spiritual practices try placing a candle on it to honour your god/s, loved one/s and/or your self then meditate in front of it for a very powerful meditation.
    • One of the things I personally like to do is light a candle or more when I am having "me time" and when I clean my house as it helps to cleanse the vibrations and gives my home a loving feel. It also gives me a loving feeling so I too pour that love into my home and whatever I do which not only I can feel but others too. It helps to create my sacred sanctuary.
    • Honour passed loved ones by lighting a candle in their name. This can help you to feel close them and comforted. Another thing that is done in the old traditions is to light a candle and leave it in the window so that passed loved ones can find their way home.
    • I recommend not using paraffin wax or artificially fragranced candles as besides not being good for you anything toxic lowers the vibrations of your home. Non-toxic varieties of candles include beeswax, soy and coconut wax.
    • You can also purchase candles specifically with various spiritual and magical purposes (please try to get these in non-toxic versions) such as a certain colour to help create a different type of magic. If you are unsure of what colour to use or don't have access to coloured candles white candles can be used for any purpose as they are universal.
    • Some people like to anoint their candles with oils. I prefer to not burn my essential oils as heating them at high temperatures can make them toxic and that will lower vibrations. Instead I recommend you use charged water, holy water or flower essences to anoint your candles.
    • You might also like to try making your own candles for their aroma, mystical powers and/or just for the fun of it. Creative activities are themselves a therapeutic and spiritual activity that can be incorporated into magical rituals. Again I recommend you don't burn essential oils, instead add dried herbs to your candles or use a non-heating essential oil diffuser for fragrance along with using candles.

    Where to Buy

    • Soy Candles - It seems soy wax candles are everywhere these days. You can find them in gift stores, spiritual stores, discount stores or online here and here.
    • Beeswax Candles - Beeswax candles are a little harder to find, however they can often be found in spiritual type stores, gift stores, health food stores and online.
    • Coconut Wax Candles -These aren't very common, however you can find them online here.
    • Beeswax (for candle making) - Beeswax can be bought directly from local beekeepers, at some hardware stores and online here.
    • Flower Essences - These can be bought at most health food stores, some pharmacies or online here and here
    • Floral Waters -  Many grocers and beauty supply stores stock floral waters. Its best to buy organic and 100% natural to keep the vibrations high. You can also buy them online here and here.
    • Charged & Holy Water - You can make these yourself very easily by blessing water with your intentions and/or placing them in the sun or moon light. You can also buy them online.
    • Essential Oils - I only recommend using the best essential oils that are unadulterated and non-toxic for their vibrations and effects are far superior and they are better for you and your home. The best brand is Young Living Essential Oils, I have used them for quite some time and have had amazing experiences with them. Young Living Essential Oils are not available in most stores so you can buy them here.
    • Diffusers - These can be bought in discount stores, supermarkets, spiritual stores, health food stores and online here and here.

    So next time you feel the need to relax or smudge and don't have anything to smudge just light a candle to melt away the tension (pun intended 😊) in you and your home.

    Do you love to use candles to relax, meditate or clear negative energy? If you do or if you try any of my suggestions above I'd love to hear all about your experiences in the comments section below.

    If you need some help with your meditation, clearing your personal and home's energy and getting connected to the divine power within you you can see what I do and get personal help from me here.

    If you want to do more clearing work you might also like to check out my post on Thyme To Get Rid Of Negative Entities and my other post on Rose Quartz And Pink Himalayan Salt Home And Space Protection.

    Love, Theresa x

    © Copyright 2019, Theresa Chapman (of, All rights reserved.


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