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Becoming One With The Trees....Literally

Once upon a time I use to regularly walk through a particular forest just around the corner from my home at the time. Where I lived was in a large mountain town. There is something about that mountain that gives it its unique beautiful energy. The forest is on the north-east side of the top of the mountain and from some places there is a clear view northward along the coastline with the land to the west of the South Pacific Ocean. I call it the enchanted forest or sometimes the goblin or spooky forest. Its not that I think its a bad place, just that it did on occasion have an eerie feeling. My son who had very clear second sight at the time would also see goblins around where we lived there so I guessed they came from the forest. I don't think we were the only ones who had spiritual encounters there as once I noticed someone leave an open jar of boiled lollies for the fairies there. Today I will tell you about something not so spooky that happened, in fact it was a really beautiful encounter. I'll save the spooky stories for another time ;) This story is about a magical discovery and experience with some trees...

One day I was walking along the meandering paths of the forest on my own. It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day most likely in spring or autumn and I was stopping to take photos during my walk as everything was so pretty in the sunlight. On this particular day I came across a part of the forest I hadn't seen before. In this spot there were about 3 or 4 newly cut tree stumps. The smell of fresh sawdust was in the air so they must have been only cut down that morning or the day before. Although I didn't like that they had been cut down I stopped to admire the beautiful natural art that had been created by eucalyptus blossoms sprinkling themselves on the flat tops of the stumps. To me the patterns of the tree rings looked like natural mandalas and the blossoms made it look really pretty. So I started taking photos of them from an aerial point of view. Unfortunately that was years ago and I have lost the photos I took so I can't share them with you.

As I took the photos I noticed that there was a strong energy or vibration coming out of the the stumps. My imagination ran wild. I thought perhaps it was a portal to another dimension as I had had a recent experience in the same forest of finding a spiritual portal. That had been my first encounter with portals and I didn't really understand them at all at the time - I will tell you about that another time. So I decided to take my Havaianas off and stand on the tree stumps to see what would happen. Had I known then what I now know about trees I would have been more respectful and asked the trees first. When I stood on each stump the most amazing thing happened. It felt as if I was in a beam of clear-white light of strong and pure vibrations shooting directly up from the stump to the sky. The vibrations felt wonderful as I could feel them through my entire body giving that energy to me. My spiritual body and life force was being cleansed, charged and enlightened by the energy coming from the trees.

So what had I discovered? I have since come to realise and understand what that energy was. It was the life force of the trees - the trees above the stumps were no longer physically there but remained spiritually - etherically. It wasn't exactly the kind of portal I was thinking of, however it was still a portal to the spirit world as I had stepped into the same space as the trees' spirits and interacted with them.  Sometime after this experience I remembered that a few years before the experience I had seen images of life force photographed by scientists. The technique is called Kirlian photography. One thing discovered by these scientists is that when they took a photo of a fresh leaf before and after part of it was removed the aura image remained as the original shape of the leaf showing that the etheric body stays whole and does not rely on the physical body to exist. To back this up there have been reports by amputees being able to feel their missing body part as if it is still there. It seems that this was my destiny to come across those trees that day and have that experience. Had the trees there not been freshly cut and still alive I might not have had this experience. That magical communion with the trees was a re-member-ing in many senses of the word's meaning helping me to understand the truth of trees and I have learned a lot more about them and had more very special experiences since....I'm still re-member-ing and learning.

A connection with trees and nature is very healing for everyone and our Mother Earth and is especially needed at this time to help get our planet onto a good path. Although I don't want to ever see trees being cut down if you ever come across a freshly cut stump and want to see how it feels respectfully ask the the tree first if you can stand on it and if it gives you permission to then do so with bare feet and enjoy the magic. You can also try this with any uncut tree by respectfully asking the tree to sit against it to commune with it. It can give you new enlightened understanding, respect and a beautiful bond with that tree, all trees, life and nature. I'd love to hear all about it or any similar experience you have had in the comments below.

If you are having trouble feeling vibrations you can get it happening by having an online appointment with me to get you connected, clear blockages and do etheric repairs. You can find out more about what I do and make bookings here.

Love, Theresa x

© Copyright 2019, Theresa Chapman ( All rights reserved.


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