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Morning Cuppa Meditation Bliss With Magic Blessings

Morning Cuppa at Sunrise

I have always been a quiet person valuing my time to myself. In my high school years, I especially needed the respite of my quiet space. I was anxious because of the work needed to be completed at school as well we lived in a small house so having some quiet time was not easy to get with everyone making noise around me.  Due to my anxiety about getting to school on time and completing assignments, I started waking up around 5 a.m. before the sun rose so I had plenty of time to do what I needed to do. I found that waking up that early I was awake before everyone else and it was wonderful! Everything was peaceful at that time of day, there was barely any noise about outside too and no-one to bother me. I had always been sensitive to loud, unnatural sounds so this new discovery was heaven! I could hear the birds singing outside inviting me to sit outside to enjoy their morning songs. So I would make a hot cuppa and if it was cold wrap myself in a blanket and quietly open the back door so as not to wake anyone and sit on the steps silently enjoying the morning chorus and crisp fresh air.

As I sat there soaking in all the glory of sunrise and nature waking up I was fully present in the moment - it was pure pleasure. However before long, my anxious thoughts would come to mind again - all of my concerns about the upcoming day and what I needed to do. Then after going over everything on my mind something remarkable would happen....I suddenly felt soft tingly peace pour over me and around me from above and become me. The air around me became soft and cool on my skin and felt beautiful and comforting. I would become lighter, totally silent within and at peace. Somehow I just knew... without any thought, I felt through that soft comforting embrace everything is good. I was in pure and gentle subtle bliss. I would then be positive, happy and peaceful throughout my entire day with lighthearted playfulness. But the most amazing thing was yet to come....

During my day I started to notice how everything that I had been concerned about all magically worked out without any effort on my part! E.G. If I hadn't finished an assignment due that day the teacher would announce that the due date had been extended or if I had an exam that day the answers came easily to me and I would finish it very quickly receiving top marks or things would work in my favour such as someone would offer me a ride to school instead of having to worry about catching the bus and being on time to school. After a few times of starting my day in the same way by getting up before sunrise and going outside to enjoy sunrise and nature and the same peaceful blissful experience would occur and those days all of my concerns would magically work out I came to realise that my days magically working out was because of the way I was starting my day. I knew this magic working for me was the love and gifts of God but was also to do with the sunrise. What a wonderful gift and surprise! Thank you, God! So besides the wonderful peaceful, blissful experience, I had during the morning which was enough for me to keep doing it every morning, but because of my days also working out so effortlessly wonderfully allowing me to be carefree I had to keep doing it and I did.

What was that peaceful comforting soft air? Was it God? A benevolent spiritual being? The sun? Nature? Goddess? Awen? Me? Magic? Angels? Whether we think all or any of these are the same or if it was one, some or all of them the answer is 'yes' to all of them..... it was a holy communion of all and alignment of me, my true self, the sun, the elements, nature, and the Universe. The communion of my soul with all had caused my self to open up and allow the heart to be free. I had opened my whole being and enjoyed those moments in nature and thus my spirit grew and enlightened my soul. The fountain of truth had opened up and poured over me. This peace is the love of life and its the truth. The powers of life are the powers of truth and this was pure truth. My soul had developed a way to engage with the earth and all of nature and by doing this my subtle system (also called the tree of life) had opened up and all the chakras (flowers) had aligned. This caused all of my being to be enlightened and my days became truly energised with life and because of that, the angels allowed the path to be created for me to have everything that was required.

Years later as an adult when attending meditation classes I discovered that what I had been doing naturally was meditating, yet I didn't know it at the time. I was meditating naturally because meditation is natural when we are one with nature. Many people think meditation is difficult. Perhaps because they don't realise its a natural process (not forced) and how simple it is when we align ourselves with nature. I was fortunate to discover it on my own, maybe you have done it too at some time in your life. Whether you have or haven't or are unsure if you can I encourage you to take the time first thing when you wake up before or as close to sunrise as you can to sit outside in that fresh morning air in nature and in the silence commune with nature and enjoy. Honour this time as your sacred time that is just for you, nature and the sun and don't engage in conversation with anyone. A warm drink or warm water warms up and clears your throat and body helping with the circulation of all things within and your subtle energy. If you are not used to getting up so early work yourself towards it at your own pace waking a little earlier each morning. By doing this first thing in the morning will likely discover the magic and enjoyment of harmonious synchronicities during your day too, you will find it an invaluable way to start your day and you will never want to be without it again.

What To Do

  1. Wake around one hour before or as close to sunrise as you can even if its after sunrise.
  2. Be in silence.
  3. Make a warm drink (non-alcoholic) or a warm cup of water.
  4. Rug up if you want and be sure you feel good.
  5. Sit quietly outside and in the nature that is around you. An open window is ok if it is not possible.
  6. Listen to the birds and other natural sounds and feel and breathe the fresh cool air. Just sit and enjoy the peace, your drink, the cool fresh air, the morning song of the birds, the sun and nature around you no matter if there are other unnatural things about. Keep your focus on nature and enjoy it.
  7. When you start to have thoughts let them happen, freely think about everything that is on your mind and all of your concerns whilst you are communing with nature.
  8. Then if you want to state that you need help, but this is not needed as your thoughts are heard.
  9. In some time you may feel the peace like a soft, gentle cool air pour over you and down from the top of your head. This feeling will comfort you and you will feel light and more positive. Then keep enjoying this nature of yourself. You will notice you feel more joy and love for the nature around you.
  10. When you are ready or go on with your day.
  11. Do this every morning as soon as you wake up and see what happens with your days.

If you have tried this meditation method or had a similar experience I wish to hear all about it from you so make a comment below if you want. You can also check out my post The Calming Power Of A Candle if you want to learn another easy meditation technique using a candle.

And if you need some help with waking the magical energy that resides within you and making the connection I can help you. You can see what I do and make an appointment with me here.

Love, Theresa x

© Copyright 2019, Theresa Chapman (of All rights Reserved


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