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Thyme To Get Rid Of Negative Entities

Now that the moon is waning it is a good time to be doing clearing work. There is an old way used in India to fumigate the home of pests, bacteria and germs that I learnt while I was partaking in meditation classes. The technique also cleanses the area of negative entities. It is done by burning ajwain seeds (bishop’s weed) on hot coals and smoking the environment in a similar way to smudging. Whilst performing the cleansing a Sanskrit chant is sung to evoke relevant gods or goddesses.

Ajwain seeds are not as readily available in other cultures and not everyone can tolerate smoke so I want to share some smoke and non-smoke methods that I created based on this traditional Indian way that could be easier, more enjoyable, adaptable and more beneficial to others. Ajwain has aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties very close to thyme. The word thyme originates from a greek word meaning "to smoke". Thyme is also used for clearing out and protection from negative entities and energy. So in place of ajwain I have chosen to use thyme. I actually prefer to use thyme as to me it has a much more ethereal, loving, lighter and subtler feeling vibration - maybe that's because a grown plants' vibrations are higher, more powerful and beautiful than seeds due to there being much more life force in growing plants.

You can use thyme on its own for cleansing negative entities or if you wish to and have them available to you add sage, rosemary and/or any other appropriate herb. Sometimes in the traditional Indian method ajwain is burnt together with camphor blocks - sage and rosemary are naturally high in camphor so thats why I suggest you add them too if you want to. Both sage and rosemary are good for warding off evil spirits, perhaps its the high amount amount of camphor in them that makes it so. Camphor is also good for deterring pests and is a popular ingredient used in cold and flu remedies.

Ways To Do It

Clear, consecrate, bless and charge all items used.
  • Smudging - Use fresh herb stalks to create a smudge stick. Do this by folding a bundle of stalks together then tying them tightly enough so that so nothing is loose with some string made from natural fibre. Hang your smudge stick somewhere in the shade to dry. When its completely dry you can light it and use the smoke to cleanse your self, others and your place by rotating it in an anti-clockwise motion. You might like to also use an old fashioned hand held fan or sturdy feather to spread the smoke around.
  • Hot Coals - You can burn dried herbs on top of hot coals. Place a thick layer of sand (soil, gravel or salt works too) in the bottom of a heat resistant container such as a cooking pot that you can carry, then place a lit incense coal on top of the sand and the herb/s on top of the hot coal. Spread the smoke around the place in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Diffusion – Burning herbs isn't for everyone. A great smoke-free alternative is to use therapeutic-grade essential oil (see below) in a cold temperature diffuser.
  • Direct Inhalation – Crush and rub the fresh herb/s in the palms of your hands to release their natural oils and aroma then cup your nose with the herbs and inhale; inhale therapeutic-grade essential oil directly from the bottle; or place 1 tablespoon of dried herb/s or more if you have fresh herb/s in a small bowl or mug then fill with boiling water and inhale the aromatic vapour. I have found inhaling thyme this way to also be very helpful in clearing up respiratory infection.
  • Personal Etheric Cleansing – using either an open therapeutic-grade essential oil bottle (for the aroma and vibrations only, not to be applied to the body in any way), a fresh herb bundle, lit smudge stick, herbs on hot coals, or herbs/essential oil in water (see direct inhalation) to cleanse your aura and subtle system. Do this by asking Mother Earth to take the negativity from you and cleanse you then starting at the top of your head spiral down in an anti-clockwise direction unwinding and sending all the negativity into Earth for Mother Earth to take care of for you.
  • Consumption – Use dried or fresh herb/s or food-grade essential oil to make a herbal tea or in cooking to help rid negative entities internally as well as around you by the aroma permeating and clearing the home during cooking.

Clearing and Banishing Direction

In many benevolent magic traditions rotating the herbal method of choice in an anti-clockwise direction is for banishing of negative energies. Some people believe that it is the opposite direction for the Southern Hemisphere, however my angelic spirit guides have advised me that it is the same for both hemispheres as the healing occurs first within us then outside of us and all people's energy moves in the same direction whether they are in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere.

Chanting, Invoking, Evoking and Incantations

You don't need to know Sanskrit to do an invocation or evocation. When I was partaking in meditation classes I was told that it was the Sanskrit language that creates the vibrations as it is the language of God, however I intuitively knew that isn't exactly true so upon experimenting I found that it wasn't the language but the rhythm (music) and song that creates the magic and its just as effective in English. No doubt it works for all languages as all cultures use singing in their magic rituals and they speak various languages. Singing, rhythm and rhyme open your heart and raise the vibrations of your words. Instead of chanting the high vibration Sanskrit creation sound 'Om' (Aum) you can replace this with the just as powerful English version 'I am' for invoking a state of being.

Here are two ways you can use song:
  • Like the traditional Indian method you might like to respectfully call upon the Universe, Goddess, God and/or any benevolent spiritual being of your choosing that you wish to request help from. If you don't feel comfortable singing a prayer or wish from your heart is all that is needed.
  • You may also like to sing aloud a magical rhyme (incantation) and/or say a prayer or wish when implementing your cleansing. The following is an incantation I created that you might like to use or you can create one of your own. Say this as many times as you like during your ritual:

Magic rhythm and rhyme,
and enchanted thyme,
cleanse all grime and crime
throughout all of time.
Remove all entities that are negative
to transform my entire being to positive
from my inside to my outside
and where I reside.
So Mote It Be!

Ritual Start and Completion

  • Before you commence any etheric work, ritual and/or meditation its a good practice to shield yourself and place first. You can shield yourself and place as many times as you feel to during the ritual.
  • Remember to graciously thank the spiritual being/s you called upon when your ritual is done. Often people offer some sort of gift such as flowers, food or drink as token of their thanks. If you like you can research what gifts are perfect for each particular being or follow your heart and intuition. If its given with love and purity or if its a heartfelt 'thank you' on its own it is joyfully appreciated.
  • To complete your cleansing or banishing ritual you might like to end your ritual by taking a bath, changing and washing your clothes or just washing your hands after to symbolically "wash your hands of it". What works for you might be dependent on the location and your situation and what you feel is needed.
  • Its also a good practice to shield yourself and place again as the very last and final thing you do i.e. after bathing or washing hands etc.

Where To Buy

  • Fresh Herbs - Use organic, homegrown or wild-crafted herbs if possible as the vibrations are better and they are better for us and our planet. These can be bought from grocers, growers, nurseries, and markets.
  • Dried Herbs -  Organic is best for better vibrations and our personal and planetary well being. You can buy organic herbs from grocers, markets and online here.
  • Incense Coal - coals made specifically for burning herbs can be bought from spiritual type stores and discount stores.
  • Essential Oils - I only recommend the world's best unadulterated non-toxic (from farm through to bottling) therapeutic and food-grade essential oils that are extracted slowly at low temperatures as they have the highest vibrations and are best for everyone including the planet we live on. You can buy them online here.
  • Diffusers - I never heat essential oils and only use a non heating diffuser as heating oils can make them toxic and lowers the vibrations. You can buy diffusers at various stores and online here and here.

I'm sending you lots love and good wishes to clear your space of negative entities.  If you use any of these methods I'd love to hear your experiences in the comments below. And if you need help you can make an appointment with me here for an online reading and etheric cleansing and repair of your soul and environment.

Also if you want to find out how to place a protective boundary around your home or any space to prevent negative entities and energy entering take a look at this method shown to me by angels using rose quartz and pink Himalayan salt here.

Love, Theresa x

© Copyright 2019, Theresa Chapman ( All rights reserved.


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