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Integrity and Alignment

I've been inspired to provide a mini reading for all of you today to help you with your soul's journey and life harmony. So I have drawn an Angel Therapy card called Integrity and the message on the card is:

align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what's right for you.

And the angels have channelled a message through me about this for you:

"When you align to everything that is great you become one with all for you are a being of God and every being on Earth is too. You have the powers to heal and you have the angels to guide you. Remember who you are for you are good. Belonging with all is a great method to heal yourself and this truly does create powers in you that can heal you and the world. Your journey on Earth is to be blessed with love and all of you are one with God. You will learn more and heal in time as it is ready to be shown to you. Take care and rejoice for we are the angels and we are your guides forever and ever. Take c…