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Integrity and Alignment

I've been inspired to provide a mini reading for all of you today to help you with your soul's journey and life harmony. So I have drawn an Angel Therapy card called Integrity and the message on the card is:

align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what's right for you.

And the angels have channelled a message through me about this for you:

"When you align to everything that is great you become one with all for you are a being of God and every being on Earth is too. You have the powers to heal and you have the angels to guide you. Remember who you are for you are good. Belonging with all is a great method to heal yourself and this truly does create powers in you that can heal you and the world. Your journey on Earth is to be blessed with love and all of you are one with God. You will learn more and heal in time as it is ready to be shown to you. Take care and rejoice for we are the angels and we are your guides forever and ever. Take c…
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Becoming One With The Trees....Literally

Once upon a time I use to regularly walk through a particular forest just around the corner from my home at the time. Where I lived was in a large mountain town. There is something about that mountain that gives it its unique beautiful energy. The forest is on the north-east side of the top of the mountain and from some places there is a clear view northward along the coastline with the land to the west of the South Pacific Ocean. I call it the enchanted forest or sometimes the goblin or spooky forest. Its not that I think its a bad place, just that it did on occasion have an eerie feeling. My son who had very clear second sight at the time would also see goblins around where we lived there so I guessed they came from the forest. I don't think we were the only ones who had spiritual encounters there as once I noticed someone leave an open jar of boiled lollies for the fairies there. Today I will tell you about something not so spooky that happened, in fact it was a really beautif…

Thyme To Get Rid Of Negative Entities

Now that the moon is waning it is a good time to be doing clearing work. There is an old way used in India to fumigate the home of pests, bacteria and germs that I learnt while I was partaking in meditation classes. The technique also cleanses the area of negative entities. It is done by burning ajwain seeds (bishop’s weed) on hot coals and smoking the environment in a similar way to smudging. Whilst performing the cleansing a Sanskrit chant is sung to evoke relevant gods or goddesses.

Ajwain seeds are not as readily available in other cultures and not everyone can tolerate smoke so I want to share some smoke and non-smoke methods that I created based on this traditional Indian way that could be easier, more enjoyable, adaptable and more beneficial to others. Ajwain has aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties very close to thyme. The word thyme originates from a greek word meaning "to smoke". Thyme is also used for clearing out and protection from negative entities and …

Morning Cuppa Meditation Bliss With Magic Blessings

I have always been a quiet person valuing my time to myself. In my high school years, I especially needed the respite of my quiet space. I was anxious because of the work needed to be completed at school as well we lived in a small house so having some quiet time was not easy to get with everyone making noise around me.  Due to my anxiety about getting to school on time and completing assignments, I started waking up around 5 a.m. before the sun rose so I had plenty of time to do what I needed to do. I found that waking up that early I was awake before everyone else and it was wonderful! Everything was peaceful at that time of day, there was barely any noise about outside too and no-one to bother me. I had always been sensitive to loud, unnatural sounds so this new discovery was heaven! I could hear the birds singing outside inviting me to sit outside to enjoy their morning songs. So I would make a hot cuppa and if it was cold wrap myself in a blanket and quietly open the back door s…

The Calming Power Of A Candle

When its not quite right at home (or wherever you are) one of the easiest things to do to clear any negative energy and tension in the air is to light a candle. Its a simple technique but very powerful and nearly everyone can do it in a moment. Its one of my favorites. But I'm not here to tell you just to light a candle, I want to try to explain why it is so from an elemental understanding.

Naturally spiritual people tend to have a lot of air and akasha (space and ether, spirit) elements (known as vata in Ayurveda) within them which means spiritual people tend to become anxious more easily when out of balance. When we retreat from being out in open spaces and light a candle the fire element of a candle burns up negative energy and the excess air element as well as dispelling darkness with its light and we return to a calm and balanced place. Air and akasha elements combined are cold so the fire also warms the air and akasha creating a cosy feeling. No wonder we love candles so mu…

Rose Quartz And Pink Himalayan Salt Home And Space Protection

Recently I did some healing work for a client and she mentioned how she had a dream where she was woken by someone standing at her door. In the dream her husband's beloved dog (who has passed) was on the bed and started barking at the intruder in order to protect her.

As she told me about the incident in my mind's eye I saw the intruder as a shadow figure which she confirmed to be what she also saw. Knowing about how Shadow People often attack people in their sleep I knew this was more than just a dream.

I felt her husband's passed dog was now their protector in spirit form. It is often the case when our pets pass over to the Other-side that they remain with us as protectors just like passed loved ones do.

I asked if she has placed a protection around her house to which she replied that she uses a sage smudge to clear the energy. Whilst smudging with sage is an effective method for clearing of energy that has entered your space, its also important to place some kind of pro…